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Getting Started

Creating an Account

To create an account, visit the signup page. The user name and password will be the primary login to administer and review your information. Your email address will be the method used to contact you, should the need arise. Your time zone is required to display call timestamps in your local time.

Setting Up Your Account

After creating an account and logging in, there are two requirements you must meet before you can begin evaluating calls. You must create at least one reviewer profile and add at least one agent profile.

To create a reviewer profile, select the “My Account” tab and scroll to the section marked “Reviewers”. Fill in the name or other ID of a person that will be reviewing calls and click “Add”. If you'd like to create a separate, secondary login for this reviewer with limited administrative rights, please review the topic on Reviewer Logins.

To create an agent profile, select the “Agent” tab, fill in the name or other ID of an agent that you'll be grading, and click “Add”.

You can add as many agent and reviewer profiles as are needed for your company. It is advised that each reviewer have their own profile, and each agent have their own profile. If you plan on utilizing the Random Call Selector, you may want to make sure your agent profile names match their agent IDs in the switch (usually their initials).

Scoring a Call

To evaluate a call, select the “Scores” tab and click the “Add New Call” button. Select your reviewer profile from the drop-down menu marked 'Reviewer' and the agent profile for the agent being graded from the drop-down menu marked 'Agent'. Date and time should be the date and time the call was taken (the time it's being scored is recorded automatically). Client ID can be whatever you use to identify your clients, but is usually a 3-to-5 digit number. After marking the appropriate response for each needed criteria, click the button marked “Save this Call” to calculate the score and save the call in the database. For more detailed information on how calls are scored, see the Scoring Method.

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