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Scoring Method

Quasar intentionally utilizes a simple scoring method to create minimal confusion as to how the final scores are calculated. This simple method enables call center management to easily reproduce the results, as well as demonstrate them to their agents, should questions arise.


In Quasar, each criteria is worth a specific number of possible points (by default, five). When a reviewer grades a criteria, the total possible points is incremented by the highest number of possible points for that criteria, and the total scored points is incremented by the point value selected by the reviewer for the agent's performance on that criteria. The final score is calculated as the percentage of total points earned (TPE) to total possible points (TPP), using the following formula:

(TPE * 100) / TPP

In the event that this produces a fractional value, all decimal places are truncated (not rounded).

Blank Criteria

Since any criteria not marked don't affect the TPE or TPP, criteria left “blank” will have no effect on the final score. This allows reviewers to skip unneeded or inapplicable criteria without detracting from the final call score.

Courtesy Bar

The exception to the rule about blank criteria are items on the Courtesy Bar, such as 'Please's and 'Thank You's. If counts are left at zero, the call's score will be negatively affected. Because of this behavior, it is not advised to add items to the Courtesy Bar that aren't applicable to every call you intend to score.

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