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Reviewer Logins

Reviewer logins are a way for Quasar administrators to avoid sharing their login credentials and create limited-access logins for other staff that will be reviewing calls. Reviewer logins are an optional feature, and are not necessary if only one person will be evaluating calls, or if all users require administrative access.

Reviewer Login Limitations

Reviewer logins are restricted from the following actions or features.

  • Adding or removing agents
  • Adding or removing teams, or reassigning a team's agents.
  • Adding or removing other reviewers, or changing reviewer login credentials other than their own.
  • Deleting or restoring completed evaluations, other than their own.
  • Completing evaluations as any reviewer other than themselves.
  • Editing or deleting scoring criteria.
  • Making changes to the administrative account information (email, password, time zone, etc).
  • Purchasing subscription time.
  • Reviewers still have full access to evaluate calls, run and view reports, and to review agent profiles and individual call evaluations.

Creating a Reviewer Login

From the 'My Account' tab, click the name of an existing reviewer. You'll be able to enter an email address and password that reviewer will then use as their login credentials. They can update their email address or password at any time from their own 'My Account' tab once logged in.

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