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What is QuAsAr?
The Quality Assurance Archive, or QuAsAr, is a web-based utility allowing telemessaging call centers to store call evaluations ("scores") in an online database. Users are then able to manipulate and display that data in various useful ways by running reports and viewing historic data. In simple terms, QuAsAr makes it easy to keep track of how well your agents are maintaining your organization's call quality standards.
Why do I need QuAsAr?
Most companies recognize the need for in-house call evaluation, but associated hurdles include the implementation of a scoring process, and the amount of employee time needed to evaluate calls. QuAsAr makes it easy to get started by providing you with industry-standard criteria that can be easily modified to suit your needs, and makes the most of your time investment by providing useful information to employees at every level of your organization. From owners that just want "big picture" overviews at a glance, to managerial and supervisory staff that need to identify trends or individual strengths and weaknesses, to agents that just want to keep track of their personal performance, QuAsAr's got something for everybody.
What hardware and software is QuAsAr compatible with?
As a cloud-based service, QuAsAr can be used to evaluate calls regardless of what hardware or software platform your call center uses. If you have the ability to listen to voice recordings of your agents, you'll be able to evaluate calls with QuAsAr. Additionally, since QuAsAr isn't tied to what platform you use, if you change platforms in the future, all of the historical data recorded in QuAsAr will still be available.
How difficult is QuAsAr to set up and use?
Most users are up and running with QuAsAr in under 10 minutes, even without reviewing any of the available support documentation. QuAsAr is designed to be as intuitive and easy to understand as possible. If you're comfortable checking your email or using social networking sites, the learning curve for QuAsAr should be totally painless.
What if I need help?
There's a helpful support wiki that covers a lot of the topics you'll need getting started, and additionally, you can send an email to support@quas.ar.com any time, day or night. Most support requests are resolved within 48 hours.
Is QuAsAr free?
Anyone can sign up and use QuAsAr for free for two weeks from the time of registration. There's no catch, and no payment information is required for signup, so you can be sure there won't be any surprise charges. After the trial period, you can continue to use QuAsAr for a nominal subscription fee. Subscription time can be purchased in 30-day or 1-year increments, review the information in your 'My Account' tab for additional pricing information.
Can I use QuAsAr on my iPad or Android tablet?
Our users report successfully using QuAsAr on a variety of mobile platforms. Nearly any modern device with a web browser can be used to evaluate calls and run reports.