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Frequently Requested Features

Fractional Scoring

Users request nth decimal-place precision for call averages.

Status: Each call's overall score is truncated (not rounded) before being stored in the database. On reports or other elements that display multiple scores averaged together, any resultant fractional places are rounded. This behavior was chosen for the sake of simplicity and readability, and implementing decimal-level-precision would require fundamental changes to the way call scores are calculated and saved. The feasibility of developing this as an optional feature in the future is being investigated.

More Granular Permission Controls

At the moment there are only three user permission levels - “administrative”, the primary account; “reviewer”, a limited-access account level with predefined permissions; and “agent”, an account that only has access to the agent features. Users request the ability to define their own permission levels and assign different permissions for the existing levels.

Status: This requires rebuilding the current permission system from the ground up, but the potential benefits could be significant. This is currently in development, but as it touches so many different areas of the code, many of them vital to data security, it's a large undertaking and requires significant testing.

Automatic Report Emails

Users request the ability to automatically schedule and email reports.

Status: By design, Quasar sends as few emails as possible to avoid them becoming a nuisance. While emailing a copy of a report is simple from a technical standpoint, from a design philosophy standpoint it creates several challenges, like making it easy for users to opt in and out of automated report emails, and making decisions about whether or not some users should be able to “force” a subscription on others (for instance, should an administrative/managerial user be able to send email reports to an agent-level user with no ability on that agent's part to unsubscribe? Should everyone only get emails that they specifically opted in to?). To that point, implementing this will probably be delayed until after more granular user permissions are created, so those decisions can be left up to the individual company.

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