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Agent Logins

Agent logins are a way for Quasar administrators to create limited-access logins for agents to review their own evaluations and run some limited reports related to their personal performance. Agent logins are an optional feature, and are not necessary if the administrator would prefer the agents not have access to their evaluations.

Agent Login Limitations

Agent logins are restricted to only a few functions.

  • Viewing evaluations of their own calls.
  • Running limited reports on only recent evaluations of their own calls.
  • Creating self-evaluations of their own calls.
  • Editing or deleting only their own self-evaluations.
  • Updating their own login credentials.

Creating an Agent Login

Using the administrative login, select the 'Agent' tab and click the name of an agent. You'll be able to enter an email address and password that agent will then use as their login credentials. They can update their email address or password at any time from their own 'My Account' tab once logged in. If your agents do not have their own email addresses, any alphanumeric username can be assigned instead, but it must be unique.

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